The Beginning

Wow!!  Where do I start?!  I was fighting with myself internally about taking my weave out (ladies you know this is a tough decision!).  I was scared of what my natural hair was going to look like, feel like and as vain as this may sound, I did not know what I was going to look like!!  I chopped all my hair off in 2018 and immediately covered it up and it has been covered ever since.  I went regularly to get my hair treated, weave washed and taken out every 8 weeks.  I even did a hair boot camp with my stylist -- I meant that I was going to take better care of my hair whether anyone saw it or not.  Fast forward to this internal fight, I talk to my stylist about my next move -- she said now is the perfect time to do it since you are working from home and outside is closed.

Two weeks later she made a house call to take the weave out then wash and straighten MY REAL HAIR!  I had inches y'all!!  My hair came down to the middle of my shoulder blades, I was excited.  Mainly because my hair was straight and those kinks and coils were NOWHERE to be found -- I can handle this!  Now I am ducking the rain, being extra careful so that no water would touch it!  So two weeks went by and it was not as straight anymore so I did a messy bun -- I got this!!  Until date night!!  We went out, I had a head full of curls and all hell broke loose when it started raining -- my hair said I cannot hold on anymore, deal with the real me!!

At this point, I already created a hair growth serum for my boyfriend's beard.  He loves it!!  So I said what if I do a shampoo and conditioner -- I began researching and discovered the oils that I wanted to use the natural products I could put together that promote hair growth while still cleaning and conditioning your hair -- no chemicals, no harmful preservatives, just natural products. 

The name was easy because my mothers name is Mae and she always talks about how thick my hair is and how she wishes she had it -- expressing that she is unsatisfied and wanted her hair to do be healthier.  She could not understand how I kept my hair covered for so long and it was so healthy and long.  Well I wanted to rescue her from these negative thoughts -- so Maedae it is!!!

This is just the beginning and I am so excited that you are a part of this journey with me!!  Thank you so much!!


-Alicyn, Founder & Owner