Lessons Learned

Well, this is my second blog post and as you know (if you read my first blog), I am completely transparent when I write.  So I am learning and have learned a lot since I started Maedae and I must admit I am loving it but there have been days of being overwhelmed, discouraged and frustrated.  There has been no regret though.  Overwhelmed with my personal life, my full time job all while trying to figure out how to grow my business.  Discouraged because I was not getting the number of orders that I felt Maedae deserved.  Frustrated with not having enough time or money to pour into my business the way I want to and my social media being blocked for weeks, so I could not post or comment on ANYTHING.  With all of that, my support system has been solid and I kept pushing - there is light in all of this.

I spent one day this week fasting and praying.  I am not talking about a cute 6-8 hour fast, I am talking about for over 24 hours I ate nothing!!  I only drank water.  I prayed numerous times throughout the day and I am not talking about head bowed where I was.  I was on my knees face buried in my hands - praying.  Needless to say I was having a rough few days.  My spirit felt defeated for more reasons than one.  I wanted to be closer to God, as close as possible because things were happening around me that I could not wrap my head around let alone my heart. 

Usually I would live in this dark place but that day I decided to give it to God - it was above me now!!  From my fasting, I gained clarity, strength (yes I was strong with no food), understanding, faith and a restored belief that what I knew in my heart to be true was just that, true!  With this restored strength, I redirected my energy.  I figured out what was wrong with my social media accounts and fixed it, I figured out what was not working and addressed it with my products, I faced a difficult conversation with my heart wide open ready to accept the outcome - good or bad and I conquered the day.  From that day I have decided to fight and not look back, ONLY forward.

As for Maedae, which will sink or sail depending on my mental state, is growing!!  Slow and steady wins the race they say.  The timing is not mine but I must do the work to prove that I can handle a little so that I can be blessed with so much more.  I reinvented my conditioner, repurposed the previous conditioner into a deep conditioner, created a leave in conditioner and new fragrances for the men hair growth serum line.  I am in a better place with myself, which puts Maedae in a better place for my customers.  I am not giving up, only taking a different approach.

With all of that, sometimes we get distracted with the things going on around us, taking care of others and not focusing on ourselves to the point that we loss sight of what makes us happy.  Making products that help people on their natural hair care journey, makes me happy.  I will leave you all with this - nothing in life is by accident, whether good or bad, there is a plan.  We have to stay the course and believe that what lies ahead is meant for us.  Do not miss the blessings in front of you by looking in the rearview mirror.  I have learned some lessons but they are just that, lessons - not a sign to stop what I am doing.

I will talk to you all soon!!  Thanks for reading :)