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Lessons Learned

Well, this is my second blog post and as you know (if you read my first blog), I am completely transparent when I write.  So I am learning and have learned a lot since I started Maedae and I must admit I am loving it but there have been days of being overwhelmed, discouraged and frustrated.  There has been no regret though.  Overwhelmed with my personal life, my full time job all while trying to figure out how to grow my business.  Discouraged because I was not getting the number of orders that I felt Maedae deserved.  Frustrated with not having enough time or money to pour into my business the way I want to and my social media being...

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The Beginning

Wow!!  Where do I start?!  I was fighting with myself internally about taking my weave out (ladies you know this is a tough decision!).  I was scared of what my natural hair was going to look like, feel like and as vain as this may sound, I did not know what I was going to look like!!  I chopped all my hair off in 2018 and immediately covered it up and it has been covered ever since.  I went regularly to get my hair treated, weave washed and taken out every 8 weeks.  I even did a hair boot camp with my stylist -- I meant that I was going to take better care of my hair whether anyone saw...

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